Taicin V23A-4R-58 Variable Volume Hydraulic Piston Pump Daikin

Taicin V23A-4R-58 Variable Volume Hydraulic Piston Pump Daikin

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Taicin V23A-4R-58
Hydraulic Piston Pump


Marzocchi Pompe S.p.A. is a company that is dedicated to the exclusive designing, manufacturing and selling of external gear pumps and motors for high performance.
The Company is a leading manufacturer and the Marzocchi pumps have become an unquestioned synonym of High Reliability and Quality. Marzocchi Pompe is specialized in micro hydraulics but in the same time has an extended range of products to cover all the standard needs of the market in terms of displacement, flanges, shafts and porting.

This piston pump is applied for;
NC lathe, Machine center, Bending machine, Blowing machine, High efficient special, machine or press.
Flow range is from 15cc to 70cc/rev.
Daikin Type.
Swash Plate axial type design, widely used in machine tools, forging machine, plastic  forming machine.
Specially designed for low noise through whole pressure zone.
Unique controlling ways make it become save energy circuit.
Ideal for small volume tank use as its pressure lose small and rarely rise in oil  temperature.

Max Working Pressure - 250 KGF/CM²
Delivery - 23.0cc/Rev
No Load Delivery 1/Min GPM 1500 RPM - 35.4
No Load Delivery 1/Min GPM 1800 RPM - 41.4
Pressure Adjusting Range - A4: 20 ~ 250 kgf/cm²
Min Turn Speed - 500 RPM
Max Turn Speed - 1800 RPM
Rotation - Clockwise
Pressure Compensator Control


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