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GHP2 Series Gear Pumps


External gear pumps are the go-to choice for modern hydraulic systems due to their versatility, strength, durability, low purchase cost, and simple maintenance requirements. The high quality of our gear pumps is a result of decades of research combined with careful selection of materials, precise manufacturing processes, and rigorous testing.

Consequently, GHP2 Series Marzocchi hydraulic gear pumps are suitable for tough working environments and convey noteworthy hydraulic power. Additionally, Marzocchi pumps boast superior hydraulic, mechanical, and volumetric performance, reduced sound emission, and compact dimensions.

Marzocchi Pompe's GHP Series of pumps is designed for numerous industrial and mobile applications. A typical GHP1, GHP2, or GHP3 pump consists of a gear pair resting on two aluminum bushes, a reinforced body, a securing flange, and a cover. The driving gear shaft extends beyond the flange to house a two-lip seal ring (an inner seal and outer dust seal). A spring-like securing ring holds it in place. The pump body is created with a high-strength aluminum alloy via extrusion; the flange and cover are comprised of spheroidal cast iron for superior durability under high pressure conditions.

Crafted from special steel, gears undergo case-hardening and quench hardening processes, followed by grinding and finishing to ensure an optimal surface finish. Further, precise tooth profile design and geometry ensure low noise and pulsation levels when the pump is in operation.

Bushings are constructed of low-friction, hi-resistant aluminum alloy and manufactured via die-casting. Additionally, they are fitted with DU bearings to reduce friction. Preformed seals with anti-extrusion rings are placed around the bushings to create compensation zones, providing axial and radial movement proportional to the pressure of the pump. This greatly reduces internal dripping, resulting in improved pump performance and lubrication of pump components.

Accessories supplied with the standard pump:
Woodruff key (code 522057)
M12x1.5 Hxagonal Nut (code 523016)
Washer (code 523005)
Standard Ports: M6 threads depth 13mm
M8 Threads Depth 17mm
The Tapered shaft is also available with 3,2 mm key ("T3")

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