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ALP2 Series Gear Pumps


Marzocchi gear pumps of the series ALP are produced in four different groups.
Within each of them, the different displacements (between 1.4 and 200 cm 3 /rev) are obtained using  different width of the gears.
Different flanges, shafts, inlet and pressure ports are available.

The following items are also available:
- reversibile pumps (ROTATION "R")
- pumps with pressure limiting valve (OPTION "VM")

Accessories supplied with the standard pump:
Woodruff key (code 522057),
M12x1.5 Hexagonal nut (code 523016),
Washer (code 523005).
Standard ports: M6 threads depth 13 mm,
M8 threads depth 17 mm.
The tapered shaft is also available with 3,2 mm key ("T3").

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