SUN Hydraulics FDBA-LCN Pressure Compensated Flow Control Valve Screw Adjustment 0.4 - 4 L/Min

SUN Hydraulics FDBA-LCN Pressure Compensated Flow Control Valve Screw Adjustment 0.4 - 4 L/Min

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SUN Hydraulics FDBA-LCN
Pressure Compensated Flow Control Valve


Sun Hydraulics has established a strong foundation for consistently delivering exceptional performance in all aspects of their business. From product design and service delivery, Sun Hydraulics stands out in the industry.

Since the beginning, Sun products have been setting the standard for the screw-in hydraulic cartridge valve industry. Sun's floating cartridge construction and cavity design approach allows products to operate precisely and reliably at higher pressures and flow rates in the most demanding applications. The generous porting area, coupled with our manifold design and construction techniques, result in integrated packages that can be up to 50% smaller than competitive offerings.

Sun cartridge valves are offered in five primary sizes, with flow capacity and controlled horsepower doubling with each successive size. Within each broad functional area (pressure, flow, load control, etc.), multiple variations are available to help you optimize your control circuit, from individual valves to complete integrated packages. Their expansive product line allows you to develop the best control solution for your hydraulic application.

Fully adjustable, pressure-compensated flow controls with reverse-flow check provide precise flow regulation for meter-in or meter-out applications where there may be wide pressure fluctuations. They are infinitely adjustable from nearly closed up to the maximum flow. An integral high-capacity check valve provides unrestricted flow from port 2 to port 1.

  • All 2-port flow control cartridges are physically and functionally interchangeable (i.e. same flow path, same cavity for a given frame size). However, cartridge extension dimensions from the mounting surface may vary.
  • A balanced adjustment mechanism allows for easy adjustment even at high pressures.
  • The sharp-edged orifice design minimizes flow variations due to viscosity changes.
  • Minimum leakage is .1 gpm (0,4 L/min) when the adjustment mechanism is turned to the shut-off position.
  • Cartridges configured with EPDM seals are for use in systems with phosphate ester fluids. Exposure to petroleum based fluids, greases and lubricants will damage the seals.


Technical Specification

Control - Standard Screw Adjustment
Adjustment Range - .1 - 1 gpm, 0.4 - 4 L/Min
Seal Material - Buna-N

Cavity T-13A
Series 1
Capacity 6 gpm
Maximum Operating Pressure 5000 psi
Adjustment - No. of CCW Turns from Fully Closed to Fully Open 5
Valve Hex Size 7/8 in.
Valve Installation Torque 30 - 35 lbf ft
Adjustment Screw Internal Hex Size 5/32 in.
Locknut Hex Size 9/16 in.
Locknut Torque 80 - 90 lbf in.
Model Weight 0.15 Kg
Seal kit - Cartridge Buna: 990010007
Seal kit - Cartridge EPDM: 990010014
Seal kit - Cartridge Polyurethane: 990010002
Seal kit - Cartridge Viton: 990010006

*Note: Data may vary by configuration.

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