SMC VHS3500-03-X1 Pressure Relief Valve

SMC VHS3500-03-X1 Pressure Relief Valve

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SMC Pressure Relief Valve

SMC Corp. of America designs and fabricates a range of pneumatic and electric automation equipment, such as actuators, air cylinders, filters, fittings, pressure switches, regulators, rotary actuators, solenoid valves, manifolds, tubing, airline equipment, connectors, and electrical components.

The SMC VHS3500-03-X1 Pressure Relief Valve is designed to safely manage pres-sure and prevent potential accidents when performing maintenance work on pneumatic systems. Its intuitive handle orientation lets you easily verify air flow direction. This valve is remarkably compact and provides a four star capacity.

Technical Information
3 Port Valve
3/4" Body
Left Piping
3/8" BSP Ports
Coating Colour; Handle: Silver, Body: Red

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