SMC AW3000-03D Filter Regulator

SMC AW3000-03D Filter Regulator

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SMC Filter Regulator

SMC Corp. of America designs and fabricates a range of pneumatic and electric automation equipment, such as actuators, air cylinders, filters, fittings, pressure switches, regulators, rotary actuators, solenoid valves, manifolds, tubing, airline equipment, connectors, and electrical components.

Integrated filter and regulator units save space and require less piping.With the backflow function it incorporates a mechanism to exhaust the air pressure inthe outlet side reliably and quickly. The SMC AW3000-03D Filter Regulator offers compact design with trusted performance, making it a great addition to any system. Its automatic backflow prevention function ensures safe, efficient air pressure function.

Technical Information
3/8" NPT Ports
70 SCFM Flow Rate
1/8" NPT Gauge Port
B320 Bracket

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