Siba 2000013.100 Ceramic Industrial Fuse Link With Knife Contacts 100A

Siba 2000013.100 Ceramic Industrial Fuse Link With Knife Contacts 100A

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SIBA 2000013.100
100A Fuse

Siba products are always in the background. But there they keep guard, unobtrusively preserving your personnel from harm and ensuring that your machines are optimally safeguarded and your plant and installations are soundly protected. Best quality, their own proprietary product developments and meticulous monitoring of their production guarantee that fuses are always at the ready when you need them. For their products come into action before any major damage can occur. Seen in this light, fuses are a very important investment.

Whatever area the products are used in – the investment in fuses to protect products and machines is money well spent, for a tripped fuse prevents other, much more costly damage. However, this kind of protection is only provided by dependable quality – no matter whether it is a high-voltage fuse in a transformer station or a miniature fuse to protect the chip in a mobile phone.

High-voltage fuses
We keep up the tension: With fuses for a lot of applications related to energy utilities.

Low-voltage fuses
Optimum protection for mains and equipment: From machine tools and switchgears in the industry to the whole power grid of buildings and companies.

Ultra-rapid fuses
When every tenth of a second counts: We are protecting power semiconductors, high-tech developments in the field of converters, thyristors or UPS.

Miniature fuses
The rip cord for industrial electronics: Maximum protection for the nervous system of the economy.

Other fuses
A wide variety of pre-made products available for special applications - from mining to the railways.


Technical Specification
Type Of Fuse: Industrial Ceramic Fuse
Fuse Characteristics: gG
Breaking Capacity: 120kA
Current Rating: 100A
Rated Voltage: 220V DC/500V AC
Fuse Size: NH000
Fuses Features: fuse blown indicator
Power Dissipation: 6.5W
F Dimension: 7mm
A1 Dimension: 78mm
B1 Dimension: 15mm
C1 Dimension: 35mm
E1 Dimension: 40.5mm
E2 Dimension: 20.5mm
A5 Dimension: 47mm
E4 Dimension: 6mm


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