SAE 3K 3000 PSI Split Flange

SAE 3K 3000 PSI Split Flange

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SAE Split Flange
3000 psi


A split flange is a type of flange that can be easily installed on pre-existing piping. It is made up of two interlocking pieces that fit securely together using nuts and bolts or welding it into place. Because it is made of two parts, split flanges are used to reinforce weakened areas of piping, or to add an attachment in places conventional flanges cannot.

The flange fittings are generally separated into two pressure classes referred to as 21.0 MPa/ 3000 psi or 42.0 MPa/ 6000 psi.

Split-flange fittings use rubber O-rings to seal joints and contain pressurized fluid. The O-ring sits in a groove on the flange, and then mates with a port’s flat surface. The flange is then attached to the port with four mounting bolts. The bolts tighten downward onto the clamps of the flange, thereby eliminating the need for large wrenches to connect the components of large-diameter tubing.

Three elements must be in place for even the most basic of split-flange fittings. These are:

  1. An O-ring which fits into the flange’s end face groove;
  2. Two mating clamp halves with appropriate bolts for the connection between the split flange assembly and mating surface;
  3. A permanently connected flanged head, usually brazed or welded to the tube.

Bolts, washers and o-rings are not included and must be purchased separately


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