Parker Lucifer 481865A2 - 24V DC Solenoid Coil D5H F ED 8W

Parker Lucifer 481865A2 - 24V DC Solenoid Coil D5H F ED 8W

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Parker 481865A2
24V DC Solenoid Coil


Parker's comprehensive selection of solenoid coils and valves include a broad range of types and configurations for all manner of applications across many industrial markets. We can supply a superior array of solenoid valve solutions, covering a wide selection of function and material types. Parker's solenoid valve family of products offer countless benefits, including peerless reliability, compact and lightweight space-saving options, exceptional flow control, high pressure capabilities, and an excellent return on investment.

32mm coils for FCSE Solenoid Valves include many options to fullfill the demand of the most challenging applications in Industrial and Process markets. The solid and robust design includes internal polar expansion to optimize the magnetic field delivering high performances also against voltage drops or heat concerns. This product solution bears multiple approvals including UL, CSA, VDE to fulfill the demand of different segments and applications in Industrial and Process markets.

- Industrial
- Process

- Any in Industrial and Process Market

- Multi approval
- UL

Coil Specifications Met: CE - VDE - EAC
Power Supply Voltage: 24V 50Hz
Coil Temperature Range: -40°C +50°C
Specifications Met: -
Coil Power Consumption: 8W
Electrical Connection: 2 P + E plug according to EN 175301-803 type A
Insulation Class: H 180 °C


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