Parker Legris 92862110 Series 21 1/8" BSP Female Fitting Probe Quick Acting Coupler

Parker Legris 92862110 Series 21 1/8" BSP Female Fitting Probe Quick Acting Coupler

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Parker Legris 92862110
Metal Quick Acting Coupler


As a part of the Parker Hannifin Corporation, Parker Legris is a world leader for  pneumatic connection solutions, working together with you to achieve the key goal of improving your productivity. For over 60 years, Parker have been designing,  manufacturing and customising safe and reliable quick connection solutions, for  distribution across the globe.

All Parker Legris products are ISO 14001 certified, following a strict compliance with directives and regulations such as;
– European RoHS Directives: 2011/65/EC
– REACH Regulation no: 1907/2006
– Pressurised Equipment Directive: 97/23/EC
– NSF 51: NSF / ANSI-51

We supply Push-In Fittings, Tubing & Hose, Blowguns, Compression Fittings, Manifolds, Quick-Couplings, Industrial Valves and Function Fittings.

Connector A: 1/4" BSP Female
Manufacturer Series: 21
Flow: 560 NI/min (19 cfm)
Passage: 5 mm
Interchangeable with Rectus 21
Where space is a premium, series 21 couplers ensure the user a very high flow. The wide variety of probes allow these couplers many options where space is restricted. For  example : equipment for very small pneumatic tools, control machines, measuring or regulatory devices, pneumatic automation equipment.
Series 21 With shut-off

Nickel-plated brass threads; black body is glass-filled nylon; Buna-N D seal; polypropylene release button; silicone free.
Positive seal: sealing and holding is accomplished instantaneously.
Reusable: connect and disconnect numerous times.
Full flow: fitting seals on outside diameter of tubing.
Working pressure: fittings rated to 290 PSI at ambient temperature.
Working temperature: -4 deg. F to 175 deg. F.
Pre-applied thread sealant on all tapered male pipe threads.
Compatible tubing: semi-rigid nylon, polyurethane and polyethylene tube.
Vacuum capability: vacuum of 28" Hg (99% vacuum).


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