Parker Legris 7970 13 13 - 1/4" BSP Pneumatic Quick Exhaust Valve Elbow

Parker Legris 7970 13 13 - 1/4" BSP Pneumatic Quick Exhaust Valve Elbow

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Parker Legris 7970 13 13
Quick Exhaust Valve


As a part of the Parker Hannifin Corporation, Parker Legris has been a global leader in pneumatic connection solutions for over 60 years, providing safe and reliable products to customers worldwide. Their ultimate goal is to improve productivity, and by working with customers they have successfully crafted custom solutions for that purpose.

All Parker Legris products are ISO 14001 certified, following a strict compliance with directives and regulations such as;
– European RoHS Directives: 2011/65/EC
– REACH Regulation no: 1907/2006
– Pressurised Equipment Directive: 97/23/EC
– NSF 51: NSF / ANSI-51

We supply Push-In Fittings, Tubing & Hose, Blowguns, Compression Fittings, Manifolds, Quick-Couplings, Industrial Valves and Function Fittings.

This selection of quick exhaust valves is available in nickel-plated brass, aluminum, and stainless steel materials, making them suitable for any environment. These valves improve the return speed of the cylinder rod by enabling a direct route to the atmosphere for the exhaust.

Connection 1 Thread Size: 1/4" BSP
Shape: Female Elbow
Maximum Operating Pressure: 10 barg
Minimum Operating Temperature: -10 °C
Maximum Operating Temperature: 70 °C
Weight: 0.148 kg
Application: Robotics, Conveyors, Textile, Plastics Engineering, Printing, Pneumatics, Packaging
Media: Compressed air
Specifications Met: DI: 2002/95/EC (RoHS), RG: 1907/2006 (REACH), DI: 97/23/EC (PED)


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