Parker DT-370-M0MS-5 - 9/16" UNF In-Line Hydraulic Check Valve DT Series

Parker DT-370-M0MS-5 - 9/16" UNF In-Line Hydraulic Check Valve DT Series

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Parker DT-370-M0MS-5
Check Valve


The DT Series hydraulic check valves are engineered with an all steel construction and a single-piece body, built to offer up to 5,000 psi of pressure. The valves have a metal-to-metal hard seat design and boast a compact size with multiple male port end configurations. With a spring crack pressure of 1, 5, or 65 psi, the DT Series check valves provide flow capacities up to 100 gpm.

Hydraulic Check valves are important components that are often overlooked when building a fluid system. A check valve can optimize system performance in the following ways:
• Ensure hydraulic fluid flows in only one direction
• Eliminate potential damage from back pressure
• Isolate sections of a system or system components

A standard hydraulic check valve consists of a valve body housing one inlet and one outlet port, with a poppet valve supported by a spring inside. In the majority of designs, the valve's default position is closed, opening only when the incoming fluid pressure is greater than the spring force (crack pressure). This enables fluid flow in a single direction while blocking any backward flow from the outlet.

Hard seat check valves utilize a durable metal to metal seal to withstand high flow surges and provide longer service life.

• Industrial
• Construction
• Agriculture
• Transportation

• Allows the fluid to flow in only one direction (one way valve), protecting the system from fluid back pressure
• Metal to metal hard seat provides longer life and is durable for high flow surges
• Custom shapes and configurations can integrate special features to reduce the number of components and potential leak points in a system
• Optional crack pressures are available on request
• Optional orificed valve allows metered flow when the valve is closed. Orifice bore size is determined by application requirements.

• Industrial, mobile, and construction equipment
• Restrictor Check Circuit
• High/Low Pump Circuit
• Slow Advance/Rapid Return Circuit
• Oil Cooler By-Pass Circuit
• Sequence Circuit
• Pilot Pressure Circuit
• Accumulator Circuit


Product Series General Specifications
Cracking Pressure (psi): 5
Maximum Working Pressure (psi): 5000
Inlet Port Size (inch): 9/16 - 18 UNF
Outlet Port Size (inch): 5000
Inlet Port Connection Type: Male SAE O-ring Straight Thread
Outlet Port Connection Type: Male Seal-Lok
Actuation Type: Mechanical
Maximum Operating Pressure: 5000 psi
Mounting Type: Threaded
Maximum Operating Temperature: 250 °F
Configuration: N/A
Minimum Operating Temperature: -40 °F
Connection Type: Male ORB to Male Seal-Lok ORFS
Maximum Flow Rate: N/A
Body Size: 3/8 inch
Flow Direction: N/A
Connection Size: 9/16 - 18 UNF
Body Material: Steel
Seal Material: Metal & Elastomeric
Seat Type: Metal seal


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