Parker D3W020BNYW42 Hydraulic Directional Control Valve 110V AC

Parker D3W020BNYW42 Hydraulic Directional Control Valve 110V AC

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Parker D3W020BNYW42
110V AC Directional Control Valve


Parker's comprehensive selection of solenoid coils and valves include a broad range of types and configurations for all manner of applications across many industrial markets. We can supply a superior array of solenoid valve solutions, covering a wide selection of function and material types. Parker's solenoid valve family of products offer countless benefits, including peerless reliability, compact and lightweight space-saving options, exceptional flow control, high pressure capabilities, and an excellent return on investment.

The NG10 direct operated directional control valve series D3W provides high functional limits up to 150 l/min in combination with a low, energy saving pressure drop.

Parker’s direct operated directional control valve series D3W in NG10 (CETOP 05/ NFPA D05) features low energy losses due to optimized flow passages for economical operation. It offers high functional limits up to 150 l/min and a maximum pressure of 350 bar. The wide variety of options includes soft shift anchor tubes for smooth operation.

• Industrial

• Compact, proven design that represents our long-term experience in hydraulics
• High functional limits – low forces resulting in safe operation also at high flow rates
• Low pressure drop – resulting in low energy losses in operation
• Wide range of spools - fits all hydraulic systems
• Shortest lead time - no warehousing necessary
• Also available as 5-chamber valve (D3DW) for high tank pressure and extreme flow conditions

• Suitable for general hydraulic applications


Spool Code: 020
Mounting Type: Subplate mounting
Operation Type: Direct
Spool Position: 2 positions, spring offset in position b, operated in position a
Actuation Type: Solenoid
Solenoid Option: With manual override
Seal Material: NBR
Product Series: Directional control valve
Input Voltage: 110/120 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Weight: 4.8 kg
Orifice Size: na
Maximum Flow Rate: 110 L/min
Maximum Operating Pressure: 350 bar
Maximum Operating Temperature: 60 °C
Minimum Operating Temperature: -25 °C
Seal Material: NBR
For Fluid Type: Hydraulic oil according to DIN 51524
Function: 2-Way
Body Material: Cast iron


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