Parker D02B2-3.4N Hydraulic Cartridge Check Valve 3.4 Bar Cracking Pressure

Parker D02B2-3.4N Hydraulic Cartridge Check Valve 3.4 Bar Cracking Pressure

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Parker D02B2-3.4N
Check Valve


Parker ball type check valves are simple in their design and are used to block flow in one direction, and allow flow in the opposite direction. Capable of flows up to 42 GPM and pressures as high as 6000 psi.

Parker ball type check valves are designed with a ball held against a seat by a spring. This prevents flow in one direction at all times, but permits flow in the opposite direction when the pressure is high enough to lift the ball off its seat. The pressure at which reverse flow is permitted is called the cracking pressure. By using a hardened ball and finished seat, leakage rates are less than 5 drops per minute in the blocking direction.

Technical Specifications

Division: Mobile Systems Division Europe
Maximum Flow Rate: 21 Gal/min, 80 L/min
Cracking Pressure: 50 psi, 3.4 bar
Seal Material: Nitrile
Flow Rate: 12 @ 100 PSI (7 BAR) Nominal Gal/min, 45 @ 100 PSI (7 BAR) Nominal L/min
Maximum Operating Pressure: 6000 psi, 420 bar
Maximum Inlet Pressure Rating: 6000 psi, 420 bar
Leak Rate: < 3 @ 6000 PSI (420 BAR) drops/min
Function: Standard Check
Actuation Type: Pressure Sensing
Flow Direction: 2-1 checked, 1-2 free flow
For Fluid Type: Mineral-based or synthetic hydraulic fluids
Maximum Kinematic Viscosity: 45-2000 SSU (6 to 420 cSt)
Filter Efficiency Rating: ISO 4406 18/16/13, SAE Class 4
Valve Material: All parts steel. All operating parts hardened steel
Cavity Size: C08-2
Installation Torque: 30 lb-ft, 40 Nm
Operating Temperature: -30 to +250 °F, -34 to +121 °C
Maximum Operating Temperature: +250 °F, +121 °C
Minimum Operating Temperature: -30 °F, -34 °C
Weight: 0.11 lb, 0.05 kg
Body Material: N/A

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