MP Filtri TSDG16ROAASP01 Nylon Filler Cap / Plug 3/8" BSP Male

MP Filtri TSDG16ROAASP01 Nylon Filler Cap / Plug 3/8" BSP Male

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MP Filtri Nylon Filler Cap / Plug 


MP Filtri are manufacturers of Hydraulic Filtration, Power Transmission, Contamination Monitoring, Mobile Filtration, Tank Accessories. MP Filtri represents a reliable partner that helps you meet every need for mobile and industrial applications.

MP Filtri evaluate each new product design through accurate laboratory tests which combine both technology & efficiency ensuring innovation is a priority of the design process. MP Filtri supply a wide range of products for all hydraulic & lubrication mobile & industrial applications using filters, elements & accessories as well as bell housing and drive couplings for power transmission systems. As a total solution provider, MP Filtri completes the range with contamination monitoring products and mobile filtration units suitable for various fluid applications.

Metal and plastic versions of filler breathers suitable for use on mobile equipment are available. Filler plugs perform a dual function, air filtration at the tank inlet and pre-filtration of the fluid by means of the basket, in order to prevent the ingress of foreign material into the tank during filling and top-up operations. Correct operation of breather filters makes for longer life of the filter cartridges installed in the hydraulic circuit, and in applications where high level of contamination are present.

TSD is a range of polyamide compact air breathers and filler plugs for protection of the tank against the solid contamination contained into the air and filling of the fluid into the systems during the commissioning and maintenance procedures. They are directly fitted on the tank.

Nylon filler plugs:

Available features:
- Male threaded connections up to G 1 1/2”
- Metal filtration, to hold the coarse contamination contained into the air
- Caps with different graphics and colours, for the use in several applications
- Dipstick, to monitor the fluid level into the tank even in complicated positions
- Antisplash, to avoid fluid coming out through the air breather due to sloshing

Common applications:
- Hydraulic systems
- Mobile machines
- Industrial equipment

Technical Specification

Product: MP Filtri Nylon Filler Cap / Plug 
Body: Polyamide (Nylon)
Cover: Polyamide
Seal: NBR
Filter: Galvanized steel
Anti-splash feature: Polyamide
Dipstick: Phosphatized steel
Thread: BSP
Gender: Male
Size: 3/8"

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