Metric Light Swept 45 Deg Standpipe Hydraulic Hose Insert

Metric Light Swept 45 Deg Standpipe Hydraulic Hose Insert

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Metric Light Swept 45 Standpipe
Hose Tails


The hydraulic hose connectors are manufactured in accordance with various standards, including ISO, SAE, DIN, JIS, BS, and NF, to ensure a broad range of applications for hydraulic pressure hoses.

A Zinc coating and Cr-VI free zinc plating process ensures a high corrosion resistance of all carbon steel products, in accordance with EU and US regulations as well as SAE J516 and DIN EN ISO 12151 requirements.

The exclusion of hexavalent chromium guarantees environmental sustainability without compromising corrosion resistance. EN ISO 9227-tested zinc-plating produces a minimum of 240 hours of corrosion resistance before crimping.

Metric Standpipes

Metric standpipe fittings are used in a variety of hydraulic applications, including hydraulic fluid transfer, lubrication systems, and fuel systems. Metric standpipe hose fitting is a hose fitting with a male metric thread on one end and a smooth hose tail on the other end. The metric thread conforms to a specific standard for metric threads.

Light Series and Heavy Series

Standard: ISO 8434-1 Standpipe DIN2353


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The purchaser of these fittings must ensure that they are satisfactory for use in the application for which they are intended. No responsibility can be accepted by the manufacturers if any fittings are incorrectly or inadequately fitted, ie. torque values, pressure requirements, non-matching threads etc. USC Hydraulics assumes no liability for typographical errors or other errors.  For any precise technical information you must always contact our technical department. Dimensions and Data shown may be changed without notice.