Metaris MMT06A01B1A Low Speed High Torque Orbital Motor (Eaton Char-Lynn 112-1145-006)

Metaris MMT06A01B1A Low Speed High Torque Orbital Motor (Eaton Char-Lynn 112-1145-006)

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Metaris MMT06A01B1A Orbital Motor


Genuine Metaris MMT series motors are disc valve motors that can be used in parallel or series configurations. MMT series orbital motors are available in 8 different displacement sizes with a diverse offering of mounting flanges, shaft configurations and porting options. Form & function replacements for common motors in the market today such as Eaton®/Char-Lynn®, Danfoss®, Parker® and White®

Your Best Low Speed High Torque Motor Option

  • Suitable for a variety of applications
  • 8 different gear sizes available
  • Disc Valve distribution type
  • Advanced Roller-Star technology, requiring lower pressure at start-up and providing smoother operation at all speeds
  • High efficiency shaft bearing, which allows higher pressure, speed and radial force
  • Pressures up to 2466 psi
  • Speeds up to 775 rpm
  • Multiple porting options
  • High pressure shaft seal, which allows for higher back pressures and an increased ability to handle high pressure spike conditions
  • Internal integrated check valve, which limits case pressure by blocking the high pressure port side and allowing the motor housing to drain into the outlet (low pressure) port
  • Variety of Mounting Flange and Shaft Options
  • Alternatives for Eaton®/Char-Lynn®, Danfoss®, Parker®, White® and more

Technical Information

Eaton Char-Lynn Equivalent 112-1145-006
38.1 (625) in³/r (cm³/r)
4-Bolt SAE Cc Flange
Pilot Ø5.00” (127), 1.50” (38.1mm) Straight, Flat key 9.56mm Shaft,
1.5/16”-12 O-ring & 7/16”-20UNF Port & Drain Port

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