Manuli ORFS Swept 90 Deg Hose Tail Multifit

Manuli ORFS Swept 90 Deg Hose Tail Multifit

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Manuli ORFS Swept 90 Deg Hose Tail Multifit


Manuli Hydraulics is globally respected for the breadth and versatility of our hydraulic fittings range. Manuli have fittings to suit most of the common international standards as well as the specific requirements of several important OEM customers. Providing expertise and excellence in both high and low pressure non-hydraulic material conveying, including fuel, chemicals, abrasives, food, water & air, rotary and vibrator hose lines. Offering dedicated hose and fitting solutions for refrigeration, A/C and cooling systems.

The Manuli Hydraulics fittings range is made up of 3 families: MF2000, MF3000 and Smart Connectors. The MF2000 range comprises our core range of two-piece fitting solutions and has over 4,000 references:
Multifit (MF) - Simple and cost effective universal solution for wire spiral and wire braid hoses
Minifit (MN) - Extremely compact fittings for braided hose (DN6 to DN10)
Interlock Plus (IP) - Maximum reliability for very high pressure wire spiral hoses in heavy-duty applications
Interlock Super (IS) - High-tech swaged fittings for very large bore wire spiral hose
Spiralfit (SP) - No-skive insert for wire spiral hoses and large bore hose
Xtralock (XL) - Designed for ultra high pressure hydraulic power lines
Blastlock (BL) - Ultra high pressure insert for water-blasting applications
Pushlock (PL) - Insert solution for low pressure applications without the need for a swaged ferrule

The MF3000 range is made up of one-piece fittings for hoses at medium/high pressures:
One-Piece Flat (OPF) - No-skive, compact and flat-crimp fittings for wire braid hoses up to 1’’
One-Piece Kompact (OPK) - No-skive, compact and flat-crimp fittings for wire spiral and wire braid high pressure hoses up to 2’’


Size Dash Height mm Hex
size mm
Termination End Size 1 dash Termination End Size 2 dash Part Number
8 -05 - - 05 10 M22491-05-08
12 -08 24.5 22 08 06 M22491-08-06
16 - 34 24 10 08 M22491-10-08
19 -12 38.5 30 12 10 M22491-12-10

Technical Information
Thread Gender: Female
Type: Swept 90 Deg
Thread: ORFS
Series: Multifit
Standard: SAE J516 / ISO 12151-1