MAC 44A-L00-GEM0-1KJ Solenoid Valve 24V DC 16.0 WATTS 120 MAX PSI MODIF 3278,

MAC 44A-L00-GEM0-1KJ Solenoid Valve 24V DC 16.0 WATTS 120 MAX PSI MODIF 3278,

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MAC 44A-L00-GEM0-1KJ
Solenoid Valve

MAC Valves, Inc. is a global manufacturing leader in pneumatic and fluid valves, proportional valves, flow control and regulator technology. MAC was founded over 70 years ago focused on establishing and maintaining their position as a technological leader in their market, having since amassed over 100 patents related to valve technology and their auxiliary components.

The MAC 44 Series is a direct solenoid operated 4-way – 10mm – poppet valve. A direct operated 4-way of this size with such high flow is unique to MAC due to patented design innovations. It features an oval armature in the solenoid, a balanced poppet and conical seats. These features translate into high shifting forces, fast consistent response times, high flow in a small package and long life.

44 series benefits
- High force MACSOLENOID.
- 10mm direct operated.
- #10-32 or M5 ports.
- Rated for lubricated or non-lubricated service.

Technical Specifications

Primary brand: Mac Valves
Main function: Valve (Electrically actuated)
Product series / family name: 44 series
Functions: Single direct solenoid poppet valve
Valve function: 5/2-way; 5-ports 2-positions; Steel mech. spring reset; Monostable
Voltage: 24VDC 16.0 Watts
Pressure: vacuum...+120psi pressure range
Connection type: Plug-in housing without wire assembly
Cross-section: 18 x 22AWG coil wires
Mounting mode: Valve less base
MODIF: 3278
Dimensions: H32mm x W10mm x D60mm
Ambient air temperature for operation: -18...+50 °C
Manufacturer SKU: 44B-L00-GEM0-1KJ=5781
Equivalent to: 44BL00GEM01KJ5781

Non-locking recessed manual operator
Special option code 5781
No lubrication required (if used select a medium aniline point lubricant between    180°F and 210°F)
Coil class A
Compressed air or inert gases or vacuum as input medium

Compliant with standard(s):
IEC 615048
IEC 615611
ISO 13849



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