Keta Hydraulics LC2-08-C-4H - 220V AC Solenoid Coil

Keta Hydraulics LC2-08-C-4H - 220V AC Solenoid Coil

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Keta Hydraulics Solenoid Coil


Ningbo Keta Hydraulics Co.,LTD was established in 2003. Specializing in high quality cartridge valves and manifolds, which are utilized for mobile and industrial purposes, the company has become a leader in its industry. Such valves feature easy fitting and replacement, a small footprint, and no leakage. Moreover, their incorporation simplifies system piping and connection when compared to traditional hydraulic systems. Keta Hydraulics is the go-to source for reliable, high-performance cartridge valves and manifolds designed to withstand the rigors of a variety of mobile and industrial applications. Their advanced technology offers superior sealing performance with no leakage, easy fitting and replacement, and a smaller footprint for streamlined system connections.

                  Technical Specifications
                  Cylindrical Coil
                  220V AC
                  13mm ID Hole
                  30.4mm W x 38.8mm L