Impro Fluidtek 505-350-W38-21-AAAAA Roller Stator 350CC/REV RE Orbital Hydraulic Motor

Impro Fluidtek 505-350-W38-21-AAAAA Roller Stator 350CC/REV RE Orbital Hydraulic Motor

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Impro Fluidtek 505-350-W38-21-AAAAA Roller Stator Motor


RE Series hydraulic motors offer an optimal balance of price and performance, delivering reliable and cost-effective horsepower. While these motors excel in a variety of industries, they truly shine in low flow, high pressure scenarios. Upon startup, pressure prompts the balance plate to flex towards the rotor, greatly enhancing volumetric efficiency. As the motor reaches operating pressure, the balance plate relaxes, enabling the rotor to rotate freely and achieve higher mechanical efficiency. The motor's durable drive link, the strongest in its class, efficiently transfers power to the output shaft. With four bearing options, as well as standard mounting flanges and output shafts, this motor can be customized to suit a wide range of applications.

Features / Benefits
  • High Pressure Shaft Seal offers superior seal life and performance and eliminates need for case drain.
  • Three Bearing Options allow load carrying capability of motor to be matched to application.
  • Heavy-Duty Drive Link is the most durable in its class and receives full flow lubrication to provide long life.
  • Valve-In-Rotor Design provides cost effective, efficient distribution of oil and reduces overall motor length.
  • Pressure-Compensated Balance Plate improves volumetric efficiency at low flows and high pressure.
  • Sensoring optional.

Technical Specifications
Displacement: 348 cm3 /rev [21.2 in 3 /rev]
Max. Pressure: 207 Bar
Continuous Torque: 921 Nm
Max. Flow: 83L/Min
Temperature Range: -30°C to 85°C
Optimal Viscosity: 20 – 43 cSt
Filtration Min: ISO 17-14
Rotation: Anti-Clockwise (Bi-Directional)
Mounting: 4-Hole, Wheel Mount
Ports: Aligned Ports, G 1/2
Shaft: 32mm Straight
Paint: Black

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