Honeywell Kromschroder TC 410-10N Valve Proving Control - Tightness Controls Test Period 100-600S

Honeywell Kromschroder TC 410-10N Valve Proving Control - Tightness Controls Test Period 100-600S

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Honeywell Kromschroder TC 410-10N Valve Proving Control 

Kromschröder is a leading manufacturer of products and systems solutions for measurement and regulation of gases, for automation of industrial furnaces, for control of heat treatment processes and regulation of heating appliances.

Valve proving control TC 410.
Valve consisting of electronic monitoring unit and additional external pressure
Testing independent of type of gas and inlet pressure
Checks both shut-off valves for leakage
Testing before starting burner or after burner shut down
Self-monitoring electronics
Easy assembly
LEDs indicate valve status
Alarm signal occurs, if a leakage is detected
Eliminates vent valve FM approved
Kromschröder is a company certified to ISO 9001

Every time the combustion system is operated or shut down, the valve proving control TC tests the functioning of both valves on systems with two shut-off valves.
If an inadmissible leakage is registered at one of the gas valves it prevents the burner
from starting. The other valve continues to operate properly to ensure that the gas is
safely shut-off. For automatic valves, fast or slow opening with start gas rate or for manual reset valves. Automatic valves are directly activated by the TC. With manual reset valves or very slow opening valves the leakproving is carried out with additional auxiliary valves.

The valve proving control TC checks that there are no inadmissable leaks in the valves before starting burner or after a burner shut down. The test moment is determined
by changing the jumper settings. The program run explains the test procedure during
the TEST phase. At the same time the TC checks its own functioning capability.

Technical Specifications
Manufacturer: Kromschroder
Type of gas and inlet pressure pe: Dependent on external pressure switch.
The pressure switch is set to half the inlet pressure pe/2.
The pressure difference may not exceed ±10% of the set switching pressure.
Mains voltage: 110/120 VAC, -15/+10 %, 50/60 Hz 220/240 VAC, -15/+10 %, 50/60 Hz 24 VDC, ± 20 %.
Electrical connection: terminals AWG 14 (2.5 mm2).
Power consumption:
10 VA with 110/120 VAC and 220/240 VAC
1.2 W with 24 VDC.
Type of enclosure: IP 40.
Fusing: Fine-wire fuse 6.3 A, quick-blow,
UR (5 A, slow-blow, H, to IEC 127), also
protects valve outputs and external OK-signal.
External OK-signal (valves tight): with mains voltage, max. 5 A.
External fault signal: Fault signalling contact, max. 2 A, 120 V (not fused internally).
Ambient temperature: 5 to 140 °F (-15 to +60 °C), no condensation permitted.
– by button on unit or 
– remote reset by connecting the mains voltage to terminal 5. Testing moment adjustable via jumper
MODE 1:Before starting burner, when terminal 3 is activated or
MODE 2: After burner shut down, when terminal 3 is deactivated.
Set at factory for testing before starting burner (MODE 1).
Test duration tP: adjustable via jumper TC 410T-1 from 10 to 60 s, set at factory
for 10 s, TC 410T-10 from 100 to 600 s, set at factory for 100 s.
Minimum start gas rate for slow opening valves up to 0.18 ft3 (5 l) test volume: 5 % of V'max up to 0.42 ft3 (12 l) test volume: 10 % of V'max


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