Fox K3S3PVCV Electromechanical Pressure Switch / Transducer

Fox K3S3PVCV Electromechanical Pressure Switch / Transducer

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Fox K3S3PVCV Pressure Transducer


Designed & produced from 1980, FOX have offered a complete range of hydropneumatic accumulator, pulsation dampeners, pressure switch and vacuum switch, (electromechanical and electronic), transmitter of pressure, level and temperature, temperature switch, level switch and flow switch.
As a confirmation of our commitment to quality research, they have been exporting their products all over the world for more than 40 years.

Technical Information

Working temperature:
-25°C ÷ +85°C
Switching frequency: 90 cycles/min
Operating point: adjustable through an internal screw
Switching accuracy: ± 4% of end of scale at 20°C

Fixed Hysteresis Value:
- membrane execution ~ 10% of end of scale at 20°C
- piston execution ~ 15% of end of scale at 20°C

Weight: 0,08 Kg:
Mechanical Life: 106 cycles at 70 bar (1000 PSI) at 20°C

Electric Features:
- Maximum load:0.5A at 250 Volt AC, 0.15 A at 110 Volt DC
- Exchange contacts (Common, NO and NC) – SPDT
- Electric connection according to DIN43650 for M2 and M3
- Electric protection according to DIN40050, IP65
- ATEX certification ATEX II 3G Ex nc IIB T6 Gc IP65

Also available:
- Special max pressure
- Special electrical connection
- Special value of hysteresis
- CU-TR for Russian market
- UL-CSA for electric part only
- Electric protection according to DIN 40050, IP54 with P1 protection Cap (Atex execution not applicable)
- Separator in stainless steel, carbon steel or plastic (<10 bar) for corrosive and/or high percentage of solid particles

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