Festo MSFW-48-50/60-OD 34418 Solenoid Coil 48V AC

Festo MSFW-48-50/60-OD 34418 Solenoid Coil 48V AC

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Festo MSFW-48-50/60-OD
 Solenoid Coil

Festo is a German automation company that produces and sells pneumatic and electrical control systems and drive technology for factories and process automation.

This Festo coil completes your solenoid valve, efficiently controlling the flow of liquids. With the use of electrical signals, it opens and closes at the precise time and place required. The three-pin plug connector allows for easy installation without any specialized tools. It is secured in place by a knurled mounting nut, ensuring stability and resistance to vibrations during regular use, reducing the possibility of disconnections. The coil is designed to work with a 48V DC supply voltage, making it compatible with standard industrial power sources.

Features & Benefits
• Reacts to signals in around 10ms, for responsive valve control
• Hard-wearing plastic housing to shrug off impact and abrasion
• IP65-rated for total protection against the dust and weak water jets found in harsh industrial settings
• Typical power usage of just 7W, for energy-efficient switching

• Electronics manufacturing
• HVAC systems
• Logistics industry
• Food processing machinery

Technical Specification
Supply Voltage: 48 V AC
Temperature Range
: Between -5°C and +40°C
Rated: IP65
Permissible frequency fluctuations: +/- 5%
Permissible voltage fluctuations: +/- 10 %
Degree of protection: IP65
Ambient temperature: -5 °C ... 40
Min. pick-up time: 10 ms
Duty cycle: 100%


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