Festo MSFW-110-50/60 6720 110V AC Solenoid Coil

Festo MSFW-110-50/60 6720 110V AC Solenoid Coil

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Festo MSFW-110-50/60 6720
110V AC Solenoid Coil

Festo is a German automation company that produces and sells pneumatic and electrical control systems and drive technology for factories and process automation.

Festo MSFW-110-50/60 6720 110V AC Solenoid Coil
Solenoid coils are most commonly used as low-power switches to open and close a pilot valve, which controls the main valve by applying pressure to a connected piston.

Replacement Solenoid Coils
Replacement solenoid coils for use with solenoid valves in pneumatic applications. They have been designed to operate in aggressive conditions and fluctuating temperatures. Replacement coils are obtainable in a range of sizes, IP ratings, temperature ratings, power levels in watts or VA and with or without a plug socket. If you've got a faulty or worn-out solenoid valve in your pneumatic system, breathe life back into it with this replacement solenoid coil from Festo.

Festo Solenoid Coil, 110 V AC - MSFW Series -MSFW-110-50/60

Technical Information

It's built from hardwearing duroplast, copper and steel, and has been designed to operate in demanding conditions and fluctuating temperatures between -5°C and +40°C. An IP (ingress protection) rating of 65 means it's dust-tight and protected against jets of water. The coil is easily mounted with a knurled nut and is supplied with a standard plug socket.

• Supply voltage of 110 V AC is compatible with North American systems
• Contains only minimal levels of hazardous substances
• Copper winding material offers high conductivity for fast operation


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