Dry Pressure Gauge, 80mm Face, 1/4" BSP Male Thread, Bottom Connection

Dry Pressure Gauge, 80mm Face, 1/4" BSP Male Thread, Bottom Connection

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Dry Gauge, Bottom Connection, 80mm Diametre, 1/4" BSP


We are an international supplier based in the UK and have a broad range of instrumentation and gauges, The products we sell are of a high quality standard while also being affordable and durable, Our gauges are certified and can be calibrated and certificated (at cost), which will further ensure their reliablility.

Dry gauges are ideal for low moisture situations where mechanical vibrations will not hinder its function, and are perfect for industrial applications like air compressors. Fitted with durable brass/bronze wetted parts, and a sleek black ABS plastic which is a material that is built to last and does not get damaged with time, this gauge is viewed through an acrylic plastic window.

Note: Gauge Accuracy ±2.5% of full range, all gauges are direct connection only.

To measure fluids that: Are not highly viscous, are not likely to crystalize or harden, are not in high temperature (60°+) and are not corrosive to copper or tin alloys. Suitable for Pneumatics Air Compressors HVAC Industry Water Industry and gases (excluding oxygen or acetylene) up to 25 bar.

Technical Information
Thread: 1/4" BSP
Connection: Bottom
Face Diameter: 80mm
Type: Pneumatic Dry Gauge
Temperature: Do not exceed 60°

Connection: Brass/Bronze
Case: Black ABS Plastic
Pointer & Dial: Black/White Aluminium Respectively
Window: Acrylic (Clear)
Soldered with Tin Alloy

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