Danfoss Eaton Vickers RV1-10-C-0-18 Pressure Relief Valve Poppet 565761

Danfoss Eaton Vickers RV1-10-C-0-18 Pressure Relief Valve Poppet 565761

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Eaton Vickers RV1-10-C-0-18
Relief Valve


Eaton industrial valves consistently deliver superior performance across stationary and mobile hydraulic applications. From press to bore, clamp to cut, lift to dig and beyond, they provide reliable operation even under extreme conditions.

Danfoss industrial valves and systems are designed with durability and reliability in mind, withstanding challenging operating conditions and delivering consistent performance across industrial applications.

This is a direct acting, poppet style screw in cartridge relief valve ideal for low cost small flow applications to limit the pressure in the system.

This valve remains closed from port 1 to port 2 until the predetermined setting has been  reached at port 1. The poppet is unseated and allows flow out of port 2.

Fast  acting, low pressure rise. Low internal leakage, high flow rate for compact design

Technical Details
Performance data is typical with fluid at 21,8 cSt (105 SUS) and 49° C (120° F)
Typical Application Pressure (All Ports): 210 bar (3000 psi)
Cartridge Fatigue Pressure (Infinite Life): 210 bar (3000 psi)
Adjustment Range: 17 - 124 bar
Rated Flow
: 30 L/min (8 USgpm)
Internal Leakage: 0.3 L/min (5 drops/min) @ 85% of Pressure Setting
Cavity: C-10–2
Standard Housing Materials: Aluminum or steel
Temperature Range: -40° to 120°C (-40° to 248°F)
Fluids: All general purpose hydraulic fluids such as: MIL–H–5606, SAE 10, SAE 20, etc.
Filtration Cleanliness Code: 18/16/13
Seal Kits: 565803 Buna–N  /  566086 Viton
Weight: 0.22 kg (0.48 lbs)

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