Danfoss Eaton Vickers CV3-10-P-0-100 Screw-in Cartridge 565845 Check Valve

Danfoss Eaton Vickers CV3-10-P-0-100 Screw-in Cartridge 565845 Check Valve

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Eaton Vickers
Check Valve


Eaton's Integrated Hydraulics range of direct and pilot operated check valves offers hydraulic circuit design professionals a versatile selection of cartridge and in-line products. All featured products have two pressure ratings, including a typical application pressure rating and a fatigue pressure rating. Poppet type check valve cartridges feature hardened & ground poppets and sharp-edged steel seats, resulting in robust, dirt-tolerant valves with secure seating and ideally suited for repeated, rapid cycling operations with extended life.

Features and Benefits

  • Close matching to application requirements from choice of four adjustment control ranges covering 3 to 350 bar (44 to 5000 psi).
  • Electrical on/off load from solenoid controlled models.
  • Remote parallel control by other pilot valves connected to “vent” port.
  • High machine productivity resulting from full system flow being available for work output until system pressure is very close to valve setting.
  • Pressure override optimized without detriment to other performance parameters.
  • Excellent repeatability and stable performance from cartridge-type design of mainstage parts.
  • Low off-load power wastage.
  • International mounting interfaces.
  • Low installed cost and space requirement from high power/size ratios (more than double that of many conventional designs)

Free Flow Cracking Pressure: -100 : 6.90 Bar [100 lbf/in2]
Max Operating Pressure: 210 Bar
Cavity: C-10-2
Seals: Buna-n
style: Poppet
Size: 10 Max Flow 76 L/Min [20 gpm]
Operation: The valve remains closed until the spring bias is reached at port 1 at which  time the pop-pet lifts of the seat and allows flow from port 1 to port 2. in the other direction the valve is closed.