Danfoss 5087550 White Drive Products 505-375-W31-23-A-A-A-AA Hydraulic Torqmotor

Danfoss 5087550 White Drive Products 505-375-W31-23-A-A-A-AA Hydraulic Torqmotor

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White Drive Products
Hydraulic Torqmotor


RE Series motors deliver power, performance, and durability at a competitive price point. Their broad operating range makes them suitable for many uses, but their ideal application is in systems requiring low flow and high pressure. The balance plate flexes at startup, providing increased volumetric efficiency. As the motor approaches operating pressure, the balance plate relaxes, enabling higher mechanical efficiencies and smoother running. A robust drive link ensures reliable transmission of power to the output shaft. Various bearing options, along with standard mountings and shafts, make this motor a versatile choice for a variety of applications.


  • High Pressure Shaft Seal offers superior seal life and performance and eliminates need for case drain.
  • Three Bearing Options allow load carrying capability of motor to be matched to application.
  • Heavy-Duty Drive Link is the most durable in its class and receives full flow lubrication to provide long life.
  • Valve-In-Rotor Design provides cost effective, efficient distribution of oil and reduces overall motor length.
  • Pressure-Compensated Balance Plate improves volu- metric efficiency at low flows and high pressure.

Typical Applications
Medium-duty wheel drives, augers, mixers, winch drives, swing drives, grapple heads, feed rollers, broom drives and more.

Designation - 505 - Standard Rotation
Displacement - 375 - 375 cm3/rev [22.8 in 3/rev]
Mount & Port - W31 - 4-Hole, Wheel Mount, Aligned Ports, 7/8-14 UNF
Shaft - 23 - 14 Tooth Spline
Paint Option - A - Black
Valve Cavity / Cartridge Option - A - None
Add On Option - A - Standard
Miscellaneous Option - AA - Non
Weight - 12.2KG