Yelloc SP25-PFL Service Plug Standard Foodline 5mm - 22mm [Pkt 10]

Yelloc SP25-PFL Service Plug Standard Foodline 5mm - 22mm [Pkt 10]

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Yelloc Service Plug

YELLOC Foodline plugs are produced from a FDA approved material.
Foodline is to be used where mediums like food, drinks and pharmacies are involved.
Foodline applications are in commercial and industrial areas such as-: restaurant, bar, café, hotel, private homes, dairy, brewery, bakery, chemical factory.
The usage of Foodline is immeasurable for both service and storage.

Technical Specification
Size: Standard 5mm - 22mm
Per Packet: 10
Temperature range -25°C to +90°C (-13 F to +194 F).
Plugs can be cleaned manual or by using any private or industrial washing systems.
All YELLOC plug types are re-usable.
All YELLOC plug types are for usage in NON-Pressurized systems.
No tools needed.

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