Parker Hannifin D1VW020BNJDLJ5 Directional Control Valve - Series D1VW D1VW EE - D1VW020BNJDLJ591

Parker Hannifin D1VW020BNJDLJ5 Directional Control Valve - Series D1VW D1VW EE - D1VW020BNJDLJ591

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Parker Hannifin Directional Control Valve Series D1VW


Parker Hannifin Corporation is a leading manufacturer of motion and control technologies and systems, including hydraulic valves. Their hydraulic valves are designed to regulate the flow and pressure of hydraulic fluid in a wide range of applications, from industrial machinery to mobile equipment.

Directional control valves (DCV) maintain fluid in a standby condition, preventing it from flowing from inside the system until it is required to move and fulfil its intended purpose.

When activated, directional control valves change into action, accomplish the task and shift back into neutral.

The valve is connected using separate wires for control.

The directional control valve series D1VW 8 Watt is based on the standard D1VW design. The low watt, low current solenoid (< 0.5 A) of this on/off valve allows a direct connection to a PLC.

Technical Information

Directly Operated Directional Control Valve
Series D1VW
Actuation: Solenoid
Operational Type: Direct
Input Voltage: 24 vdc
Function: 2 way
Ambient Temperature (◦C): 0 - +60
Minimum Temperature (◦C) : -25
Fluid: Hydraulic Oil
Fluid Temperature (◦C): 0 - +70
Viscosity Permitted: 2.8 [cSt]
Max. Flow:  60 l/min
Max. Pressure: 360 bar
Power Consumption: 8 w
Spool Code: 20
Spool Position: 2 positions, spring offset in position b, operated in postion a
Seal: NRB
Mounting Type: Subplate
Port Connection: ng06 / cetop 03

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