Parker PRDM2BB06SVG1S Direct Operated Pressure Reducing Valve

Parker PRDM2BB06SVG1S Direct Operated Pressure Reducing Valve

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Parker Pressure Reducing Valve


Parker direct operated pressure reducing valves series PRDM in sandwich design ensure a precise pressure regulation in one area of a hydraulic circuit at a predetermined level below normal system pressure.

Technical Specifications:
Port Connection: NG06 / CETOP 03
Seal Material: FPM
Product Series: Pressure valve
Operation Type: Direct
Pressure Control Range: 64 bar
Actuation Type: Manually
Mounting Type: Sandwich plate
Pressure Adjustment Control Type: Hexagon socket
Maximum Flow Rate: N/A
Gauge Port Connection: G 1/4
Flow Rate: N/A
Maximum Operating Pressure: 350 bar
Maximum Pressure Setting: N/A
Maximum Operating Temperature: 60 °C
Minimum Operating Temperature: -20 °C
Weight: 1.3 kg
Body Material: Steel
Function: Reduction in port B

As a mature component of Parker's modular sandwich valve system, the direct operated pressure reducing valves series PRDM feature fast response and minimum hysteresis for continuous high productivity. They regulate pressure in one area of a hydraulic circuit at a predetermined level below normal system pressure. Additionally, an integral pressure relieving function for the secondary reduced pressure circuit is incorporated into the design.

Machine Tools
Rubber & Tire Processing

Extremely versatile due to a wide pressure range
Fine-tuned pressure stages - tailor-made for precise pressure regulation
Fast response - ensures optimized operation
Direct operated, cushioned piston design - provides low leakage and minimum hysteresis
Short delivery time for most variations - no warehousing necessary
Sizes: PRDM2 - NG06 (CETOP 03), PRDM3 - NG10 (CETOP 05)
3-way design for pressure relieving of the secondary side
Reduced pressure in the 'P', 'A' or 'B' port
Pressure settings: 25, 70, 160, 210, 350 bar for PRDM2; 19, 50, 100, 150, 210 bar for PRDM3
Gauge port

Suitable for general hydraulic applications
Machine Tools
Tire Presses

PRDM valves are "normally open" devices that allow fluid to flow through the controlled port during their non-actuated or "at rest" condition. When downstream pressure exceeds the value set by the spring force, the control piston moves off its seat, closing off the flow path and thus reducing the fluid passing through from the main system. The cushioned piston modulates to maintain the preset pressure in this branch of the hydraulic circuit. If, due to external forces, the pressure continues to rise in this branch circuit, the piston will keep moving against the spring force allowing fluid to be drained to the tank, thereby limiting maximum pressure to the valve's setting.
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