Hydraforce 6316230 230V AC Solenoid Coil, 13mm ID

Hydraforce 6316230 230V AC Solenoid Coil, 13mm ID

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Hydraforce 6316230 230V AC
Solenoid Coil

HydraForce was acquired by Bosch Rexroth in February 2023, becoming a significant part of the Compact Hydraulics Business Unit. Bosch Rexroth is part of the Industrial Technology business sector of Bosch.

HydraForce offers one of the most comprehensive lines of high quality hydraulic cartridge valves for the mobile and industrial equipment markets. They design and manufacture high performance valves that meet virtually any need encountered in machine design for flow rates of 0.4 to 530 lpm (0.1 to 140 gpm). HydraForce cartridge valves are designed to fit a wide range of industry-common valve cavities. HydraForce’s custom manifolds offer no-leak, screw-in componentry, fast and easy valve removal and replacement, and reduced plumbing when compared to traditional hydraulic systems. They also offer a robust line of controllers that are rugged, reliable, and optimized for electro-hydraulic system integration.

Technical Information
6316230 Solenoid Coil
230 VAC
DIN 43650 Connector
14.7 Watts
0.06 Amps
Initial Current Draw
Internally Rectified,
50 or 60 Cycle (Hz) Lines


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