Comatrol RPC06/5 Pilot Operated Cartridge Check Valve

Comatrol RPC06/5 Pilot Operated Cartridge Check Valve

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Comatrol RPC06/5
Check Valve


Comatrol are a member of the Danfoss Group. They have built on their strength of experience over the last 35 years, becoming the market leader in the design of hydraulic cartridge valves and hydraulic integrated circuit (HIC) solutions. Comatrol works collaboratively with customers and distributors, within numerous markets including the mobile, off-highway, energy, agriculture and industrial, to provide high-performance machine control systems. Comatrol's compact, cost-effective cartridge valves combine easily to form almost any hydraulic circuit. Bringing directional, pressure or flow control to your vehicles' hydraulic systems, they point the way to unlimited design flexibility.

Pilot Operated Cartridge Check Valve
Comatrol pilot operated check valves are designed to keep a hold on loads, these on/off valves only release their grip when a pilot pressure signal is applied to the pilot port. Company offers flow and pressure capabilities of 12-250 l/min (3-66 US gal/min) and up to 350 bar (5,080 psi), respectively.

Pilot-To-Open valves have an integrated design that allows free flow in one direction, blocks flow in the opposite direction, but can be piloted from a third port to open the blocked direction.

Pilot-operated, or pilot-to-open check valves will positively hold a pressurized load and will release the load upon application of a pressure signal to the pilot port. A typical circuit application for pilot operated check valves contains a pump, directional control valve, and an actuator. Without a pilot-operated check valve the load will drift down due to spool leakage if the directional control valve is centered with the load raised.

Technical Specifications
Type number: RPC06
Manufacturer: Comatrol (Danfoss ICS)
Description: Check valve pilot to open
Max pressure: 350 bar
Crack pressure: 5 bar [72.5 psi]
Max flow: 35 l/min
Country of origin: Italy



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