Atos DHI-0639/0 23 Solenoid Directional Valve

Atos DHI-0639/0 23 Solenoid Directional Valve

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Atos DHI-0639/0
Solenoid Directional Valve

Atos is an Italian manufacturer of hydraulic components. Their expertise in  electrohydraulics and quality of production has lead Atos to be an internationally respected brand. Seamlessly linking hydraulic and electronic control they are able to improve effectiveness of and modernise machinery.

The Atos range is represented by 3 product lines to provide easy access to the wide and ever-evolving product portfolio. They offer customers a unique mix of electrohydraulic components for industrial, hazardous and corrosive environments.
Solenoid valves are electromechanical valves that are designed to control the passage of a fluid.

Valves are mechanisms that are used to regulate the flow of fluids. They can have multiple functions, such as directing the flow, limiting the pressure, preventing the passage of fluids or varying the speed of the flow.

Hydraulics consists of products that generate a movement and a force under two conditions: that they are fluid and that they are subject to a pressure.

The solenoid directional valves, type DHI are direct operated, ISO 4401 Size 6. Spool type, two or three position, direct operated valves with solenoids certified according the North American standard cURus. Solenoids are made by:
• wet type flanged tube, same for AC and DC power supply, with integrated manual override pin
• interchangeable coils, specific for AC or DC power supply, easily replaceable without
Standard coils protection IP65, optional coils with IP67 AMP Junior Timer or lead wire connections

Technical Specifications
Manufacturer: Atos
Description: Solenoid Directional Valve Size 6
Operated: Direct Operated
Solenoid: Single solenoid, 2 external positions, spring offset
Voltage: DC24
Max flow: 60 l/min
Max pressure: 350 bar
ISO: 4401

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