CKD W8000-25G-G3 Air Filter Regulator Assembly

CKD W8000-25G-G3 Air Filter Regulator Assembly

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CKD W8000-25G-W-F
Filter Regulator

Established in 1943, CKD has become a leading manufacturer of pneumatic components, general-purpose valves, mechanical indexing systems, and semiconductor products in Japan. Our cutting-edge pneumatic fluid control and automation technologies provide a wide range of reliable products, including popular CKD valves and cylinders, to meet the needs of all industries.

We supply various CKD valves and other CKD pneumatic products upon request.

Expertly designed reducer with a high precision filter. This specialized filter effectively captures solid impurities like rust and dust, as well as liquid contaminants such as water and oil that may be present in the compressed air produced by the compressor.
The diaphragm reducer valve, alongside the manometric indicator, lowers the input pressure to the desired level set by the operator and accurately maintains it. The pressure gauge enables easy monitoring of the reduced pressure at the exit of the valve.
The modular design allows you to combine it with other elements of the compressed air preparation of the 8000 series using the B810 handle.
The filter is equipped with a removable cartridge.

Technical Details
Maximum working pressure - 10 bar
Adjustment Range - 0.5-8.5 bar
Chemical Filtration - 5µm
Operating Temperature - 5 Deg C to 60 Deg C
Connection - 1"
Max Flow At 7 Bar - 10000 L/Min




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