Caplugs N32SSG - 25-32mm Glow In The Dark Fluorescent Spiral Protection Guard 20M Coil Pigs Tail

Caplugs N32SSG - 25-32mm Glow In The Dark Fluorescent Spiral Protection Guard 20M Coil Pigs Tail

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Caplugs N32SSG
Night Glow Spiral Guard


Spirals are made to protect hydraulic & pneumatic hoses against shocks abrasions etc. Can be used for a single hose or a bundle of hoses. Suitable for use with all hydraulic fluids including Glycol and Phosphate Ester products. Temperatures up to 120ºC
Other colours available on request.

Highlight and accentuate industrial hydraulic lines to ensure safety with NightGlow spiral wrap. NightGlow not only wraps and protects your hoses and cables, but it also emits light, allowing for easy accentuation and identification of hydraulic lines, equipment and static objects in low light or nighttime conditions. The fluorescent material glows in the dark and makes the hydraulic lines visible for up to 12 hours in dark conditions. It can also make it easier to identify ruptured hoses or cables in the dark and helps to prevent mishaps.


Technical Specifications
Internal Diameter: 25mm
External Diameter: 32mm
Roll Length: 20M
Colour: Natural / Fluorescent
Material: High Density Polyethylene Photo Luminescent
Temperature: -65ºC to +120ºC

Provides Visibility
• Charged by any light source. Charge all day and glow all night
• Charge lasts up to 12 hours
• Wrap around any hose, cable or wire for safety and visibility


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