Camlock Stainless Steel Type DP Dust Plug

Camlock Stainless Steel Type DP Dust Plug

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Camlock Stainless Steel
Type D
Dust Plug


We are a Scottish based supplier and have a broad range of coupling related products.
The products we sell are of a high quality while also being affordable and durable, our couplings ensure no leaks along with a secure hold.

Cam and Groove fittings (otherwise known as Camlock) are designed for quickly connecting and breaking connections from hose and pipe without requiring the use of tools. Camlock couplings are designed to carry (but are not limited to); liquids, grains and powders. We supply Camlock fittings in a wide variety of materials such as; Stainless Steel, Brass, Polypropylene and Stainless Steel. The plug is designed to go inside a system when the coupling is not in use, preventing any unwanted exits or entries.

Dust plugs can be applied to any of our camlock fittings (provided the thread size matches), their application is simply to stop any unwanted contaminants/leaks while the fittings are disconnected from eachother.

Technical Information
Type: Camlock Dust Plug
Material: Stainless Steel


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The purchaser of these items must ensure that they are satisfactory for use in the application for which they are intended.
No responsibility can be accepted by the manufacturers if any adaptors are incorrectly or inadequately fitted.