C2 Type 30mm Diameter x 75mm Stroke Hydraulic Brake Cylinder Assembly

C2 Type 30mm Diameter x 75mm Stroke Hydraulic Brake Cylinder Assembly

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Ø30mm C2 Type
Brake Cylinder



Hydraulic Brake Actuators
Large range of hydraulic brake actuators in pistod rod sizes Ø20, Ø25, Ø30, Ø35, with various mounting brackets & return spring options.

  • Cylinders only
  • C1 Type – Complete with 2 Mounting pins & 2 Return springs
  • C2 Type – Square beam Mounting bracket with 1 Return springs
  • C3 Type – Round beam mounting bracket & 1 Return spring
  • C4 Type – Square beam Mounting bracket & 2 Return springs
  • C5 Type – Air chamber convertor bracket & 2 Return springs
  • C6 Type – Complete with wrap around external Return springs & 2 pins
  • C7 Type – Complete with 2 pins & internal Return springs

30mm brake cylinder with 75mm stroke and 3/8" BSP male port.
Supplied complete with return spring, Ø14mm mounting pin & weld-on channel mounting bracket for square beam axles.

Technical Specifications:



Cylinder type:




Closed centres:

230~ 236mm

Thrust force @ 100 bar:

7069 N

Maximum pressure:

210 Bar

Temperature range:

-40°C / +80°C

Connection port:

G 3/8" male


Weld-on Channel bracket

Clevis end mounting:

Ø14mm pin

Unit weight:

4.4 Kg


Return spring:


Free length (inside hooks):


Pre-tension force @ 211mm:

91 N

Spring rate/constant (per spring):

10.89 N/mm

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