Bosch Rexroth R900467936 - 4WMM 6 E5X - CETOP 3 Directional Control Valve Lever Actuated

Bosch Rexroth R900467936 - 4WMM 6 E5X - CETOP 3 Directional Control Valve Lever Actuated

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Rexroth R900467936
Directional Control Valve 

As a leading specialist in drive and control technology, Bosch Rexroth has a unique level of technological expertise. The Bosch Group is a leading global supplier of technology and services.

Directional valves type WE are electromagnetically-driven spool valves, used to manage the commencement, discontinuation, and direction of a flow. The unit is composed of a housing, one or two solenoids, control spool, and zero, one, or two return springs. A variety of spools can be selected with various voltage and electric connection options. This valve type is suitable for a large range of flows and pressures.

  • High power wet-pin AC or DC solenoids with detachable coil
  • Electrical connection - individual or central connection
  • Smooth switching characteristics, solenoid coil can be rotated by 90 deg
  • Component series 6X, for subplate mounting
  • With concealed manual override
  • Without throttle insert and position switch
  • The coil can be changed without having to open the pressure-tight chamber
  • Without locating hole


Technical data

Connection diagram: ISO 4401-03-02-0-05
Product family: WM.6
Max. pressure: 315 Bar
Max. flow: 60 L/Min
Spool symbol: Symbol E
Type of connection: Subplate mounting
Size: 6
Type of Actuation: Manual Actuation
Number of Ports: 4
Number of Switching Positions: 3
Supply Voltage: 24V DC
Seals: NBR
Weight: 1.10 KG


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