Argo Hytos C14B-01200E1 - 12V DC Solenoid Coil To Suit SD2E-L, SD3E-L Valves

Argo Hytos C14B-01200E1 - 12V DC Solenoid Coil To Suit SD2E-L, SD3E-L Valves

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Argo Hytos C14B-01200E1 Solenoid Coil


As a components and system supplier, ARGO-HYTOS is an essential part in the supply chain of the world market leaders when it comes to mobile working machinery and mechanical engineering.

ARGO-HYTOS has established an international network of production and distribution companies to provide the full support our successful global customers are accustomed to.

They offer customer-oriented added value and expertise at the customers’ location.

With modern technical challenges becoming more complex as time goes on, it is vital to find system partners who can offer an integrated approach supported by outstanding experience, which they can contribute to projects and offer solutions for fluid power technology.

Valves designed for a change of fluid direction, such as directional control valves and poppet-type valves, are often solenoid operated.
Proportional valves are another large group controlling continuously parameters in the circuit within the defined interval. 
Electric current flowing through the coil winding creates a magnetic field.
This field acts on the armature of the solenoid part and allows its shift which is then transferred to the valve control element (spool, poppet).
The excitation winding made of copper wire  placed on a plastic core is the basis.
The coil is inserted into the steel housing amplifying the magnetic field and to protect it against mechanical damage.
Moreover, the coil is molded into the housing by plastic material.
The connector part coupled with the coil is also made of the same plastic.
A silicone seal protects the coil space against moisture and dust.

12V DC
Current: 2 DC
Connector - EN 175301-803-A (IP65)
13.4mm ID (0.53”)
"A" Version To Suit SD2E-L, SD3E-L

Drawn Housing

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