ALP1 Series Marzocchi Pompe Hydraulic Group 1 Gear Pump Clockwise

ALP1 Series Marzocchi Pompe Hydraulic Group 1 Gear Pump Clockwise

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ALP1 Series Gear Pumps


Advanced production techniques and FEM simulations boost the performance of the ubiquitous external gear pumps employed in modern hydraulic systems. These pumps are available in varying models, feature high overall efficiency of 90%+, and can be supplied with optional integral relief valves.
Our expansive range of hydraulic pumps, backed by our ability to select the ideal pump for any task, can be obtained in formats like SAE and DIN with materials suitable for various fluids and environmental conditions. Further, Marzocchi’s cast iron bodied and flanged hydraulic gear pumps offer superior pressure, stability, and durability.
Reversible units, gear motors, and our other pumps are ideal for industrial processes, agricultural applications, offshore marine activities, heavy plant, and commercial equipment.

ALP 1 Series
Aluminium bodied, aluminium flanged, hydraulic gear pumps with displacement from 1.4 to 13.8 cc/rev. max. speed 2,000 to 6,000 rpm, flow at 1500 rev/min 2.0 to 19.7 litres/min, depending on model.


Technical Information:
Group 1
Medium: Hydraulic oil
Viscosity (cSt): Allowed 6-500, recommended 10-100, start
Working Temperature: -10⁰C +80⁰C
Inlet pressure: 0.7-3 bar
Ports: Standard European port
Ø Mounting hole flange: European 4-holes mounting
Material front and back cover: Aluminium
Material housing: Aluminium
Sealing: NBR
Material gears: Special hardened steel
Pump type: ALP
Direction: Clockwise (CW)

If you are looking for a tandem or multiple gear pump, please contact us via details below.


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