Hose & Assemblies

We supply Hydraulic/Industrial hoses

manufactured in various materials and designed especially

to handle oil, petroleum, acids and chemicals.

Special high pressure hoses for water blasting and all makes of cold/hot/steam pressure cleaners.

With so many product options we are sure to have a solution for you and your application.

With multiple systems to choose from, our products have been developed to provide solutions across many markets and sectors.

Our products are available in a wide range of sizes from 1/8″ (3.0mm) to 10″ (254.0mm) internal diameter and are intended for use in a diverse range of applications including the suction and delivery of water, oil, sewage, slurries, powders and the conveyance of liquids and gases in factory air lines, pneumatic equipment & general workshop use.

We hold extensive stocks to supply and deliver to short notice to our customers for industrial, agricultural, construction, manufacturing & machinery, transportation and marine uses.

Ultra high pressure hoses with maintained flexibility, couplings & pumps for rescue equipment and other demanding applications.

Reliable & Flexible Hydraulic Hoses.

Hydraulic Hose

We are able to offer a line of high performance hoses for applications from the construction and manufacturing industries to agriculture and engineering industries.

Hydraulic hose is flexible tube designed with a reinforced structure for the containment of hydraulic fluid under pressure. The hose consists of an outer cover, a reinforcement layer and an inner tube. The pressure ratings are measured in bar. Hose selection is based on the tube material, tube bore diameter to carry flow and wall thickness to withstand internal pressure.

Hydraulic Braided Hose – 1 Wire, 2 Wire, 4 Wire, 6 Wire
Jetwash Braided Hose – 1 Wire, 2 Wire


Production sizes of hose range from 3/16″ to 6″ ID


3/16″ (4mm Inside Diameter)
1/4″ (6mm Inside Diameter)
3/8″ (10mm Inside Diameter)
1/2″ (12mm Inside Diameter)
5/8″ (16mm Inside Diameter)
3/4″ (20mm Inside Diameter)
1″ (25mm Inside Diameter)
1.1/4″ (32mm Inside Diameter)
1.1/2″ (40mm Inside Diameter)
2″ (50mm Inside Diameter)
2.1/2″ (65mm Inside Diameter)

We also supply coils of loose hose in any required length.
Extra Long length coils now available (300M – 1 Length)

Hose Assemblies

We can supply any hose assembly of your choice. Just advise the flow rate, pressure, temperature, medium, length and end terminations, we’ll do the rest! We also carry out repairs to damaged hoses on-site.

  • Hydraulic hose in DIN and SAE standards for every type of application
  • Bore sizes from 3/16″ – 6″
  • 1&2 Wire braid / 4&6 Multi Spiral braid
  • Ultra High Pressure Assemblies Available (4000 Bar)
  • Extensive range of Fittings/Inserts/Adaptors
  • All major thread standards to international specifications
  • Simple or complex assemblies supplied for low quantity replacement markets or high volume production requirements.

Hose Assembly Fittings

  • Swaged and interlock fittings.
  • Adaptors, Elbows, Tees, Bulkheads, Couplings, Caps, Plugs, Hosetails, Single & Double Banjo Bolts/Inserts
  • BSP, Metric, JIC, SAE, UNF, NPT, ORFS, JIS, NPSM, Flange, Komatsu E.T.C.
  • Straight, 45°, 90° Swivel & Compact.
  • Steel, Brass, Stainless Steel, Malleable Iron,
  • One piece or two piece fittingsFor more information, please click here for our Adaptors & Fittings page.

Industrial Hose & Ducting

Industrial and Process Hoses in various materials designed specially to handle oil, petroleum, acids and chemicals, also hoses for food products, gas, air and fume extraction.
Special high pressure hoses for water blasting and all makes of cold/hot/steam pressure cleaners, silicone marine exhaust hose and assemblies, thermoplastic hose and more.

Hoses For Food & Pharmaceuticals

Applications and properties;
Due to their properties, foodstuff hoses are suitable for a wide range of uses in the food industry. They are used for the conveying of food such as rice, sugar, coffee, tea or grain in silos, silo vehicles and tankers. They are also frequently used in packaging machines, mixers and dryers for big-bag charging and discharging. Because of their food safe walls and other important properties, these hoses are also suitable for use in the pharmaceutical industry. These include, for example, the use in vacuum conveying devices, suction conveyors, dosing systems and pelleting machines.
Our foodstuff hoses are odourless and taint-free, resistant to microbes and hydrolysis, and resistant to oils and chemicals. Hose types with the identifier AS are also antistatic, which is very important in the conveyance of flammable goods and the use in hazardous areas.

Hoses For Raw Material Processing

Applications and properties;
Hoses for raw material processing are mainly used for the filling and discharging of tankers, silos and silo trucks, as well as for use in vibration screening machines, screening machines, plansifters and windsifters.
Suitable for filling and discharging tankers, silos and silo trucks.
Suitable for use in vibration screening machines, screening machines, plansifters and windsifters.
When conveying raw materials through hoses, electrostatic charging occurs due to the friction of the material against the wall and the friction within the medium. In the case of flammable raw materials, that can lead to an ignition or even explosion of the raw material. The use of antistatic hoses can prevent this risk. Antistatic hoses are labelled with an AS. However, in some cases, such as the conveyance of carbon, the electrostatic charge is so strong that an antistatic hose is not sufficient. In such cases, the hose must be electrically conductive so that electrical charge can be conducted through a grounding and the explosion does not occur. Electrically conducting hoses have the label EC.

Hoses For Exhaust Gas Extraction

Applications and properties;

The exhaust gas hose is a flexible hose that is used to route exhaust gases from vehicles and other devices away from the operator. It is mainly used in vehicle exhaust gas systems, overhead and underfloor extraction systems and engine test benches in industry and workshops. In order to guarantee smooth and error-free use, the hoses must have certain properties. For example, hot gases up to several hundred °Celsius have to be transported without damaging the material. Also a flexible hose form is advantageous in order to withstand vibrations and impacts from outside.

Hoses For The Automotive Industry

Applications and properties;

The field of applications for hose used in the automotive industry is among other things on industrial robots and welding robots, since these hoses are resistant to welding sparks. Therefore, welding hose can be used for the media routing of, for example, air or water in industrial robots.

Hoses For The Plastics Industry

Applications and properties;

In the plastics industry, conveying hoses are used in several areas. One application area is the loading and unloading of silos, silo vehicles and tankers. Antistatic hoses are particularly suitable for this purpose as they have a high abrasion resistance. Specific hose types are particularly suitable for conveying in granulate conveying devices, vacuum conveyors, shredders, extruders, injection moulding machines and for drying processes using hot-air dryers or granulate dryers, similar alternative hose can be used particularly well due to the higher temperature resistances. Special ducting can be used for cooling air or film blowing machines.

Hoses For Suction & Disposal Vehicles

Applications and properties;

When used in disposal or suction vehicles, the hoses are often subjected to high demands because dirt, stones, soil or similar abrasive solids, as well as liquids, passing through the hose. Suction and disposal vehicle hoses must be extremely abrasion resistant as well as resistant to microbes and hydrolysis.
Applications include; suction excavators, sewer cleaning, roof gravelling and power plant cleaning.

Hoses For Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

Applications and properties;

Similar to vacuum cleaners for household use, industrial vacuum cleaners are used to remove dirt. However, industrial vacuum cleaners and, in particular, the suction hose hereby used, are subjected to higher loads, such as, for example, hot dirt, coarse abrasive dirt or liquids, and combinations thereof. In order to withstand these loads, suction hoses made of polyurethane or EVA are particularly suitable.

Hoses For The Fume And Dust Extraction

Applications and properties;

During the smoke and dust extraction, primarily gaseous materials are suctioned and transported. Therefore, the most important properties for this area are temperature resistance, flexibility and density.
Special suction hoses are particularly well-suited for use on extraction units, dedusting systems, filter systems or for oil mist extraction and galvanic extraction due to their high flexibility combined with high abrasion resistance and flame retardancy.
Antistatic or electrically conductive hoses are best suited for use in the chemical industry, for example for the extraction of chemical vapors and spray mist.
Suitable for use on extraction arms or welding fume extraction systems, as these are highly suitable due to their high flexibility and flame retardancy.

Hoses For Shot Blasting / Sand Blasting

Applications and properties;

Various techniques or methods are used in surface processing. In the case of surface preparation methods such as shot blasting or sand blasting, the shot or sand blasting material has to be returned to the blasting chamber after its use. Due to the abrasive effect of the blasting media, the used hose must have a high abrasion resistance. We can offer suitable hoses which offer high flexibility as well as abrasion resistance for use on floor preparation machines or grinding machines.

Hoses For Woodworking / Wood Processing

Applications and properties;

In the wood processing industry, whether in furniture production or in sawmills, wood dust and wood chips are produced that need to be vacuumed off. Likewise, wood dust must be vacuumed off in industrial saws, edge processing machines or, for example, inparquet flooring grinding machines. All of our wood hose are flame-resistant and antistatic.

Hoses For The Agricultural Industry

Applications and properties;

If the hose is used for pneumatic grain conveyors or for the conveyance of seed and fertilizer, the abrasion resistance and also a long service life play an important role.
For the irrigation or spreading of insecticides and fertilizers as well as the use of barrel trailers for manure spreading and the like, we recommend the use of a full plastic hose as these are ideally suited for these applications due to their excellent resistance to alkalis, acids and chemicals.
For the ventilation of, for example, animal sheds, you can take advantage of the light and highly flexible polyurethane hoses.
Our Airduct food hose series can be used for animal feed transport because they have a longer service life due to their high abrasion resistance.

Hoses For Municipal Vehicles / Sweeping & Cleaning Machines

Applications and properties;

When using the hose in and on sweeping and cleaning machines, the hose is exposed to high loads. Especially with sweepers often very abrasive materials and heavily soiled media must be transported. In these cases, the hose must be very abrasion resistant. Our products have proven to be particularly suitable for these applications, since these hoses have been specially developed for municipal vehicles and are therefore ideally suited for demanding transport of media due to their high abrasion resistance, microbe resistance and cold flexibility.
For the use on municipal embankment mowers as well as leaf blower and lawnmowers, these hoses are microbe resistant. They have good abrasion resistance, but are more flexible and thus easier to handle.

Stainless Steel Hose and Assemblies

Flexible hoses designed to convey – aggressive chemicals, solvents, acids and steam or simply normal or every day fluids in hostile environments.
PTFE hose and PTFE tube supplies are lined hose assemblies that are designed to be suitable for food, making them ideal for pharmaceutical and Biotech applications

PTFE Convoluted

This hose is multi-purpose and can be used for a wide variety of applications.

This is a convoluted PTFE lined hose, with excellent flexibility in bore sizes from 3/8″, to 4″. It is designed for use in a wide variety of general purpose applications such as automotive, steam transfer, refrigeration and other applications where the temperature resistance, chemical resistance and ease of cleaning of the PTFE liner are necessary requirements.

Stainless Steel braid has a liner tube made from convoluted, extra flexible grade PTFE, with an outer stainless steel wire braid reinforcement. Polymer Braid has a braid made from orange polypropylene monofilaments. This provides a lightweight braid with excellent chemical resistance, but is not usable at temperatures above 100°C (internal).

Maximum working pressures must be reduced to 50% of the pressures listed for assemblies with stainless over braid. Tube only has no braid. It is very lightweight, and the tube is semi-transparent. It is only usable at low pressures (less than 2 Bar).

The three grades specified above are available with an anti-static (black) PTFE liner tube instead of the natural 3, (translucent) PTFE liner tube. The anti-static hose grade is required when fluids with a high electrical resistance, such as solvents or fuels, are passed through the hose. The electrical resistance between the inner surface of the hose liner and the end fittings is less than 107 ohms, permitting dissipation of any static charge, in accordance with BS2050:1978. If in doubt, contact USC Hydraulics to decide which fluids or gases require the anti-static grade.

Hose Assemblies;
Hose can be supplied without end fittings attached’ for distributors to assemble themselves using either conventional hydraulic fittings or short tail (PTFE) fittings and the design of pallet swage ferrule.

The convolutions are easily opened out to the spigot tail diameter by screwing in a (supplied) special tool (without the application of heat) after which the spigot can be inserted. Alternatively complete hose assemblies can be supplied. All conventional types of hose end fittings can be fitted to hose assemblies. Hoses can also be supplied with ends “Cuffed” for customers to fit themselves.

Hose and hose assemblies can be supplied with full certificates of conformity, together with test and materials certificates. If these are required, it should be stated on the enquiry and order.

Use in Application:
Usage limitations are specified herein, but other factors may be present in any given application including mechanical abuse, abrasion, safety risks to staff, etc. Unless all these details are given to USC Hydraulics Limited in advance so that the best possible product for the application can be recommended, USC Hydraulics cannot accept responsibility for unsatisfactory performance.


Hose Liner: Seamless extruded PTFE tube, made exclusively from PTFE polymer. The choice of these grades, together with the extrusion, heat treatment and quality control programmes are designed to produce the best quality PTFE tube possible, ensuring minimum porosity and maximum flexibility.

Hose Braid: Braided from AISI grade 304 stainless steel wire, bright hard drawn to a minimum 1700 N/mm2 tensile strength. The braiding process is closely controlled to ensure even tensions and the correct braid angle, to give minimum expansion/contraction under pressure.

Size Ranges;
Standard Wall: For general purpose use, including high and low pressure steam, chemicals, paints, inks, adhesives, fuels, oils, detergents, refrigerants and foodstuffs.

Heavy Wall: For heavy duty use, also for use with gases up to 150 Bar pressure, and for hot/cold cycling applications.

A special size range is also available for use with hydraulic end fittings which require a slightly larger hose bore than the standard sizes above, to permit the insertion of the end fittings into the hose bore.

Hose Properties;
Temperature Resistance: PTFE hose is usable from – 70°C up to +230°C, dependent upon the braid and the working pressure (see Specifications).

Chemical Resistance: PTFE is the most chemically resistant material known, and is only affected by a small number of very uncommon chemicals; Fluorine Gas, boiling Alkali Metals, Chlorine Trifluoride and Oxygen Difluoride.

Flexibility with Strength: Smoothbore PTFE hose has excellent dynamic flex life, and performs well at high pressures in flexing or vibrating applications.

Self-Cleaning: The famous non-stick nature of PTFE ensures that material passing through does not become ‘hung up’ inside the hose, creating the risk of bacterial growth, or contamination. The hose, therefore, is effectively self-cleaning.

Use in Application:
Usage limitations are specified herein, but other factors may be present in any given application including mechanical abuse, abrasion, safety risks to staff, etc. Unless all these details are given to USC Hydraulics in advance, so that the best possible product for the application can be recommended, USC Hydraulics cannot accept responsibility for unsatisfactory performance.

Silicone Hose

Silicone hose operates at a high temperature and pressure than other rubbers and doesn’t perish.
Silicone Hoses, manufactured with a formulated multi layered reinforced construction making them ideal for replacing old rubber hoses and particularly suited for all custom coolant plumbing applications.
A Silicone hose will outperform and outlast conventional rubber type hoses which make them ideal for use in motorsport. Able to withstand higher temperatures and pressures, silicone hose has a number of uses such as radiator pipes, turbo boost hoses, vacuum pipes, air ducting hose and with specialist silicone hoses able to carry fuel and oil you can pretty much plumb your whole car with silicone hoses.

Hose joiners in a wide range of sizes and hose clips provide a complete solution for custom building a pipe system using silicone universal hoses

Reinforced PVC Hose & Nylon Tube


Reinforced PVC Hose comprises a 100% flexible PVC inner tube reinforced with a 1000 denier polyester nylon braid, this is then covered with a 100% flexible PVC cover.

Chemical Resistance;
PVC is resistant to most oxidising and reducing agents and dilute acids and alkalines, for more detailed information please contact us.
Typical Applications;
Hydraulics, Pneumatics, Coolant lines, Chemical transfer, Water & fluid handling, Food handling, Beverage lines    Compressed air, Crop spraying ETC

Nylon Flexible Tubing Metric

3mm to 28mm OD Metric
6 Standard Colours

Nylon Flexible Tubing Imperial

1/8” to 11/8” OD
6 Standard Colours

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