miniBOOSTER Hydraulics A/S HC2-9.0-A-1 Hydraulic Pressure Booster

miniBOOSTER Hydraulics A/S HC2-9.0-A-1 Hydraulic Pressure Booster

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miniBOOSTER Hydraulics A/S HC2-9.0-A-1Hydraulic Pressure Booster


miniBOOSTERs are oscillating pressure intensifiers that can be mounted on low-pressure hydraulic systems. The miniBOOSTER will automatically intensify system pressure giving a higher outlet pressure. The miniBOOSTERs come in a vast range of models, each representing different functions for different environments.

miniBooster have a comprehensive range of hydraulic pressure intensifiers that cover 13 intensification factors up to 5,000 bar and flows up to 400 l/min, using almost any media including tap water. The range covers flanged versions, tube versions and cartridge versions and includes standard blocks with built-in valves option that dramatically reduces the need for space and piping.

HC2-9 is a compact hydraulic cartridge miniBOOSTER unit weighing only 1.0 kg. It is ideal for use in a varitey of special applications where it is desirable to mount the unit on or in a manifold, cylinder, or other device.

The HC2-9 raises supplied pressure to a higher outlet pressure and automatically compensates for consumption of oil to maintain the high pressure. Adjustment of the outlet pressure is carried out by varying the supplied pressure.

The basic operation is illustrated in the function diagram. Oil is fed through the directional valve CV to the IN port, flowing freely through the check valves KV1, KV2 and DV to the high-pressure side H. In this condition maximum flow through the booster is achieved giving a fast-forward function. When pump pressure is reached on the high-pressure side H, valves KV1, KV2 and DV will close. The end pressure will be achieved by the oscillating pump unit OP. The unit will automatically stall when end pressure on the high-pressure side H is reached. If a pressure drop on the high-pressure side exists due to consumption or leakage, the OP valve will automatically operate to maintain the end pressure.

Technical Information
HC2 versions: 15 different intensification factors
A model = no dump valve
PIN: 20–207 bar
PH: 800 bar maximum
PRETURN: As low as possible (return pressure to tank)
POUTLET: PH = (PIN – PRETURN) x intensification factor
Medium: Oil
Technology: Cartridge, oscilating
Inline Tube Mounting
Weight: 1.0 kg.

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